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How Far Ahead Is the UK versus the World in Wind Power

How Far Ahead Is the UK-versus-the World in Wind Power

How Far Ahead Is the UK versus the World in Wind Power

Over the last decade, the UK has experienced massive growth in its wind power industry. Thousands upon thousands of wind turbines have been erected so far, and many more are scheduled to be built in the attempt to reach carbon neutrality by the year 2050.That being said, the question remains: will the UK become the world’s largest producer of wind power? Let us talk about that today:

The UK’s Wind Industry versus the World

While the UK has made significant progress in its wind industry, this isn’t to say that they are the pioneer of wind power. Many other countries have started way earlier, and the UK isn’t even the number one in the world for wind power. China is currently the leader in wind power, and the gap is massive, with the UK only producing a tenth of what China is outputting.

Even within Europe, the UK itself still lags behind a few other nations. This is, again, because those countries started way earlier. For example, companies like Vestas, Siemens, and GE Renewable Energy, all of which are large wind energy companies, have set up shop in their respective countries. As such, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Spain have become the top five countries for wind energy per capita in Europe. This means that those working in the wind industry in the UK are near a large, lively wind energy market – increasing job availability for those willing to work abroad.

Becoming the “Saudi Arabia” of Wind Energy

So, can the UK become the world leader of wind energy production despite what the rankings tell us? Possibly. Despite starting late, the UK is experiencing some of the fastest growth in the wind industry. Sooner or later, they might just become the world’s top producer of wind energy, albeit that goal will take a long time to achieve. When it comes to exporting, however, there is yet to plan for that. As of right now, the UK is mostly focusing on its local population, trying to ensure all homes can enjoy wind energy by the year 2030, along with the plan of being completely carbon neutral by 2050.

Conclusion – UK versus the World in Wind Power

Regardless of how fast the UK is growing in the wind industry and what rank they are in the world, one thing’s for sure: plenty of demand exists for wind industry-related talents. In other words, those looking to find a job in the wind industry can rest easy on the fact that there will be plenty of positions to be filled. Of course, training is still required by all parties, meaning that opting for proper off-shore wind training and other appropriate training is vital to not only the individual’s safety and success but the success of the industry as a whole!

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