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5 Reasons to Have Working at Heights Training – GWO Training

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Over 200 fatal accidents and over a million injuries happen every year at work. With these shocking statistics, it’s paramount to maintain health and safety at work. Taking the initiative to uphold safety measures and address any potential hazards at work involves everyone, from managers to employees.

One common cause of work-related fatality and injury is height. When employees work at certain elevations, they put themselves at the risk of falling. Falling is more likely to happen when employees aren’t aware of preventative measures, don’t have the skills needed to work in such heights, and don’t use proper gear and clothes.

That said, employers should invest in improving the safety of their workplace. They should make it mandatory for employees working at heights to undergo height training. By doing so, employers can improve their working conditions, ensure their overall welfare. 

Here are five reasons for your employees to undergo heights training:

1. It creates a positive health and safety culture

The main reason to conduct heights training for employees is to ensure their health and safety. When your employees receive the proper training, their working environment transforms as well. They will be more knowledgeable and skilful in doing their jobs, and also ensure the safety of their fellow colleagues.


2. It reduces accidents

Accidents at work can damage the reputation of any company. If there’s no worker’s compensation set in place, employers can be sued due to negligence, which can negatively affect the business, its finances, and longevity. Furthermore, this can lead to the revocation of the business license or even its shutdown. As unexpected falls are accounted for some accidents in the workplace, having heights training can reduce the instances of accidents.


3. It increases staff morale

Another good reason to invest in heights training is that it boosts the staff’s morale. Employees who undergo training will be more confident in doing their jobs while knowing that their employer values their safety and oversees their overall welfare. When they feel secure and are happy in the workplace, their work productivity increases.


4. It has an all-inclusive height training

A benefit of heights training is that it’s all-inclusive. This means that the training covers multiple areas – from the ladders, anchor use, PPE and rescue systems. The same safety principles apply no matter what access equipment they use. The training will not only provide all the basic knowledge, but it will also hone the skills of every employee working in heights.


5. It has minimal time requirements for long-term benefits

When it comes to heights training courses, employees need not worry about time requirements. The training typically lasts for GWO WAH 2 days and 1 day for a refresher courses, which means that they won’t miss much time away from work. Despite this, they can still obtain long-term benefits after undergoing heights training.


Last Words

Ultimately, investing in heights training can be beneficial to your employees. The course typically covers the Works at Height Regulations and other relevant health and safety laws both UK and Globally. If your business involves working at heights, such as in construction, invest in heights training. The benefits you will get from it will outweigh the costs.

If you’re looking for a GWO Training Provider or Working at Height Training Specialists, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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