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What to Consider When Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

What to Consider When Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

What to Consider When Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

People have different callings in life. If you’re seeking a career that combines thrill and meaningful purpose, then becoming a wind turbine technician in the UK is one of the many fulfilling jobs you can explore.

The challenge that comes with being a wind turbine technician can keep any professional in a constant state of hyper-awareness, especially since the duty entails scaling dizzying heights and repairing structures designed to power up the community around you.

What to Expect as a Wind Turbine Technician? 

Generally, a wind turbine technician will handle three primary parts in a wind turbine to ensure it functions properly and provides power to homes, businesses, commercial centres, hospitals, schools, and more. Here are the three crucial components a wind turbine technician will likely work on:

  • Nacelle – this is at the top and holds the wind turbine’s major components, so this is the section that will see the most work.
  • Tower – this is a structure usually made of rolled steel and supports the wind turbine.
  • Blades – made of composite materials that rotate and generate electricity.

What is the Average Wind Turbine Technician Salary in the UK?

Wind turbine technicians have varying salary ranges, but generally, one can reap more benefits and a higher salary in rural areas with more wind turbines than busy cities. On average, you can expect a wind turbine technician to earn £34,712 per year in the United Kingdom. To obtain the job, a wind turbine technician is expected to refine the following skills:

  • Excellent engineering and mechanical skills;
  • Can comfortably work in environments with high heights;
  • Must be physically fit;
  • Reliable computer literacy and IT skills;
  • Has good hand-eye coordination;
  • Has comprehensive knowledge and expertise of wind turbine components and their operation;
  • High competency in handling wind turbine equipment;
  • Can work well in a collaborative environment;

Seeing as a wind turbine technician needs to ensure the turbines are in peak condition and can generate power as efficiently as possible, it’s a team effort that demands sharp awareness and high focus.

Steps to Become a Turbine Technician and Improve Your Application

  1. Search for the best technical school in your community where you can explore wind turbine programs;
  2. Attend and graduate from a reputable college with an accredited course on wind turbine technology;
  3. Actively participate in on-the-job training to gain relevant experience in the related field;
  4. Join an apprenticeship program to further expand your knowledge and on-field experience as a wind turbine technician;
  5. Get your certification from the apprenticeship;
  6. Search for the ideal wind turbine technician job openings in your area;

The Bottom Line: Becoming a Technician

Being a wind turbine technician requires extensive training and education as the job description tackles one of the most challenging responsibilities in the country: to maintain wind turbines and climb up to 400 feet high to get the job done. With that in mind, it’s worth taking the necessary steps to build a strong resume by attending workshops and training courses to boost your expertise.

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