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3 Massive Wind Farms in the UK That Power the Future

wind farms in the uk

3 Massive Wind Farms in the UK That Power the Future

The drive for cleaner energy has pushed for the creation of more wind farms, with the UK being home to some of the largest wind farms on Earth. The main reason for this is that the British government has set a goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. One of their tactics is to set up wind farms. The government has shown plenty of support in creating and maintaining these wind farms.

Offshore wind farms, in particular, have become popular simply because shallow sea beds offer easy places to install turbines, not to mention great wind speeds for consistent power. In this article, we want to talk about some of the biggest wind farms in the UK to give you a brief idea of how big the wind farm industry is.

1. Beatrice Wind Farm

Found off the coast of Caithness in Scotland, this wind farm is a 588-megawatt farm. One megawatt is a million watts, so that equates to 588 million watts of power expected to power almost half a million homes.
This bountiful wind farm was created by Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Limited, which is a consortium of companies. Construction began in 2017 and finished by 2019. It cost approximately $3.4 billion, which was one of the most expensive and biggest private investments made into Scotland.

2. Dogger Bank Wind Farm

The Dogger Bank project, although not yet completed, is set to beat the largest offshore wind farm to date, the Hornsea One. The wind farm is found in the North Sea off the coast of Yorkshire and includes three 1.2-gigawatt offshore wind farms— =producing 3.6 gigawatts of power! Essentially, Dogger Bank will be producing 3.6 billion watts to power over four million homes in the UK. This project started earlier in 2021 and is expected to start producing power in 2023.

3. Hornsea One Wind Farm

As previously mentioned, the current biggest offshore wind farm to date is Hornsea One. Located around 120 km off the Yorkshire coastline, this Danish-constructed windfarm produces approximately 1.2 gigawatts of power, fueling a million homes. Its onshore facilities were built in 2016, while offshore construction began in 2018. Power from this wind farm was first generated in 2019 when construction continued and was later completed in 2020.
It is expected that Hornsea Two, currently in construction, will be completed in 2022, making the Hornsea wind farms even bigger than they already are.

Conclusion on Wind Farms in the UK

You can find many other massive wind farms in the UK, such as the London Array pumping out 630 megawatts of power and the Walney Extension producing 659 megawatts of power. These wind farms are paving the way to a brighter and greener future. With the fantastic support from the British government, offshore wind farms are only expected to grow bigger.
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