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What to Expect When Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

What to Expect When Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

When going into any profession, it’s best to get a preview of what it’d be like from workday to workday. Mental preparation for what’s to come is just as important as physical preparation, after all.

When it comes to being a wind turbine technician, things seem a little straightforward. The job calls for someone to survey and provide maintenance to the wind turbines that they are assigned to. It can be quite honourable work as you’re slowly helping the renewable energy industry, but what does deciding to become a wind turbine technician truly entail?

Here’s what you can expect when becoming a wind turbine technician:

The Training

Becoming a technician in the wind turbine sector means undergoing a lot of training processes first. There’s an abundance of skills that each technician must develop and meet before they achieve certification, and it can take roughly six months to learn everything related to wind turbine technology and the work that you’ll have to get involved in.

If you’re seeking a training provider to become a wind turbine technician, the Global Wind Organisation has a list of names that you can check out. NRS Training Services is recognised by the GWO thanks to the range of courses that it can provide regarding the mechanical and electrical aspects of the job.

The Requirements

The common requirements that you would see for wind turbine technician job openings would be a collection of hard skills. There’s dealing with the wind turbine components like the controllers, hydraulics and more. Troubleshooting and interpreting schematics is also needed.

Aside from that, there should be some soft skills required as well. For example, wind turbine technicians are expected to deliver their work with minimal to no supervision at all. They should be level-headed enough to heed the proper safety standards and company regulations in place.

The Work Environment

The work environment for wind turbine technicians can be physically taxing, as you will be working by the turbines themselves. There’s so much moving involved as you manoeuvre around the towers.

Aside from working from a considerable height, other senses will be tested. Your ears would have to get used to the whirring sound that the turbine makes all the time, as your skin adjusts to whatever extreme heat and cold weather there is.

The Average Workday

After understanding what the work environment may be like, you may start to wonder what the average workday would look like for wind turbine technicians. The course of your workdays may mostly depend on the condition of the wind turbines. When issues arrive, a solution is needed.
When you finally inspect the turbine and think of how you can fix it, that’s where an application of the skills you’ve picked up during training is needed. There’s so much climbing and travelling to the affected turbine in between, which is why the job challenges your physical health.

Conclusion on Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician

A wind turbine technician has their work cut out for them as they must be extremely cautious and determined to carry out their duties. It’s not the easiest position to be in, but with enough training and understanding that you’re in an industry that’s helping  the world, it can be rewarding to take on this job.

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