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What You Should Know About the WINDA ID


What You Should Know About the WINDA ID

The WINDA ID is a personal identification number that you are assigned upon registering in WINDA. It combines letters and digits representing your initials and a six-digit code plus two letters representing your nationality’s country.

For instance, John Smith from Great Britain’s WINDA ID is JS123456GB.

Training providers and employers use the WINDA ID to record and check GWO training online.

In this post, your trusted GWO training provider shares what you need to know about the WINDA ID:

Who Can Get a WINDA ID?

Anybody can get a WINDA ID as long as they sign up for a course participant or delegate account in WINDA. It’s worth noting that only Delegate accounts use WINDA IDs. Training providers and organisation accounts, on the other hand, do not get a WINDA ID.

How to Register

To get your WINDA ID, you need to register as a participant in WINDA first. Registrations can be done online using the WINDA website.

Once you’ve done that, you can now add a WINDA ID to your account. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your WINDA account.

2. Click ‘Settings’ towards the bottom of the page.

3. Then click on ‘WINDA ID’ on the left-hand side.

4. You’ll see an option saying “Don’t have a WINDA ID” on the upper right side. Click on this option.

5. You’ll be directed to a page that asks for your WINDA username and password. Enter these login details and proceed to the next page.

6. Enter your WINDA ID and click submit on the next page. Your WINDA ID will then be added to your account.

Can an Incorrectly Registered Nationality in the WINDA ID be Changed?
An incorrectly registered nationality in the WINDA ID cannot be changed. This should be noted immediately to avoid inconveniences in the future.

For instance, if you entered your nationality as the USA when you were a citizen of the United Kingdom. You will receive trouble when applying for a GWO as most of the countries in the program will require your nationality to be the USA.

Can Third-Party Companies Check or Search for Your WINDA Records?
Employers and training providers can check your WINDA records online and search based on some criteria. These include the participant’s name, ID number, date of birth, and address.

How Can WINDA Be Used as an Employer?

Using WINDA is an easy way to monitor the training records of employees. For example, an employer can search for a list of all employees who have undergone specific training online, including those who are scheduled for future training. Additionally, the employer can check the attendance of the workers during the sessions and their grades.

Employers can also use WINDA as a way to screen potential employees. Individuals who wish to be employed by a particular company in WINDA will have to fill out a form when applying. The company can then review the candidates’ records and decide whether or not to hire them. The WINDA records contain information like a person’s qualifications, training background, and previous employment.


WINDA is an excellent tool with great value for job seekers and employers alike. With your WINDA ID, you can track your training progress and utilise different tools and features of the WINDA website. It also helps you in your job search and application process with employers who are registered in the WINDA network.

We hope this answers any questions you have about the WINDA ID. If you have other questions about it, you can contact your trusted GWO training provider.

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