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The Value of GWO Training – Meeting Industry Standards

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The Value of GWO Training – Meeting Industry Standards

Sustainability is the key term that service providers are prioritising for their brand’s image. Since companies want to satisfy their target demographic, who are more vocal about environmentally friendly practices, most of these establishments are incorporating green practices to reach a more larger market. Due to the economic preference for sustainable practices, this also puts the spotlight on renewable energy.

Renewable energy is receiving more attention today over the shift in priorities for modern consumers. This is why there’s more demand for the installation of power plants that utilise geothermal energy, wind energy and solar power in the unified goal of meeting the new norm for industry standards. With greater interest in these power plants, there will also come a much-needed demand for skilled members of the workforce to run them.

The development of the GWO certification

Every industry requires a set of professional credentials to provide professional contractors for projects and job positions. This is a prerequisite, regardless of whether they will work under independent service providers or big-name companies. One of the more modern forms of certification for working in wind energy is the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certification.

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certification is one of the latest attempts to create a safer and more standardised industry for onshore and offshore wind professionals. It’s a training standard that ensures a safer workplace and a more competent workforce, increasing work output while mitigating inefficiencies at onshore and offshore wind farms.

The impact of strengthening your portfolio with GWO Training

GWO training centres replicate real-life scenarios to allow professionals in the industry to have valuable learning experiences to handle any situation or environment for their occupation. For crane operators, working at heights, first aid, fire awareness and manual handling are the key modules that they need to learn to receive a GWO certification. Companies that have offshore wind farms may require an additional module for sea survival to ensure that their workers are adept at handling harsh sea conditions.

The importance of proving your credibility

The project timelines for wind projects can move quickly. This is why the opportunity for work in onshore and offshore wind farms can be a missed chance if you’re not ready with the right GWO credentials. Wind projects generally have a spike between March and November, which is why it’s the best time to get a GWO certification. Even if you have the right industry experience to apply for a job opening, your employer may dismiss you if you don’t own a GWO certification.
GWO qualifications will cost around £2,000+ and are valid for 2-5 years, depending on the country a contractor obtains them. With numerous outlets across Europe and nationwide, there are plenty of opportunities to find a GWO training centre near you.
To strengthen your portfolio’s credibility and impact, it’s best for prospective wind workers also to have an updated onshore medical. It’s a requirement that companies will ask from potential applicants to have the recent certification valid for 1-2 years at least.

GWO Training Conclusion

Finding work in the renewable energy industry seems to be moving in an upward swing, with different countries promising to do their part in saving the environment. With the increased demand for these alternative energy sources, energy suppliers are sure to embrace the call, bringing more job opportunities. This allows hardworking and credible workers to contribute to making renewable energy the new industry norm.
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