Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions:
    • NRS: taken to mean NRS Training Services Ltd, a company registered in Scotland, SC585551
    • Contract: Means the offer and the acceptance forming the contract for services, as well as any special terms expressly agreed in writing as forming part of the Contract.
    • Client: The company or person that has placed an order to NRS Training Services Ltd and whom NRS Training Services Ltd are taking instruction from.


  1. Terms:
    • Any order based on our quotation estimate or tender is deemed to incorporate these terms and conditions with no variation, modification or substitution.
    • Any other terms and conditions imposed upon NRS Training Services Ltd will have no effect unless specifically agreed to by the company in writing.


  1. Quotations:
    • Any quotation estimate or tender by NRS Training Services Ltd is subject to alteration, amendment or withdrawal until the client has issued an order number to go ahead with any quoted services.
    • Any quotation will be considered valid for a period not exceeding 30 days and VAT unless NRS Training Services Ltd specifies otherwise.


  1. Booking Confirmation:
    • Confirmation of booking and joining instructions will be issued on receipt of payment or company Purchase Order.


  • Entry requirements:
    • Where applicable candidates will not be accepted onto a course unless they can demonstrate evidence of compliance with the entry requirements for that course. Such includes the completion of a Medical Self Declaration form. If a candidate is unable to meet the pre-entry requirements, they may not be able to continue with training without refund.
    • NRS cannot accept bookings for courses involving exposure to a height from candidates with medical contra-indications against working at height. A non-exhaustive list of such conditions is given below:
                  • Heart disease/chest pain
                  • High blood pressure
                  • Epilepsy, fits, blackouts
                  • Fear of heights/vertigo
                  • Giddiness/difficulty with balance
                  • Impaired limb function
                  • Uncorrected visual impairment
                  • Alcohol or drug dependence
                  • Psychiatric illness/counselling
                  • Diabetes – type 2
                  • Asthma
                  • Muscular strain (e.g. bad back), dislocation, hernia – or similar musculoskeletal issues.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual or organisation making the booking to ensure that delegates attending the courses are free of any of the conditions described above or any other medical condition that could impair their ability on the training course to which they have subscribed.
  • By confirming and paying for a booking, the applicant asserts that delegates are physically fit for the intended course. It is unlikely that applicants can be certain of being free of contraindications without a proper examination by a GP.
  • Proof of identification will be required by all delegates attending the course. Failure to provide this will result in delegates not being allowed to attend the course and may still be charged.


  1. Late arrival:
    • Courses require candidates to be present for 100% of course content. Late arrivals for any reason may not be able to start at the discretion of NRS Training Services Ltd.


  1. Enforceability:
    • If any part of these terms and conditions are deemed to be unenforceable this will not affect the remaining terms and conditions of this document which will prevail.


  1. Invoicing and payment:
    • Unless otherwise agreed, all payments for courses must be made in advance of the commencement of the training course.
    • If requested, NRS Training Services Ltd will provide an invoice for training as agreed.
    • Where a purchase order (PO) is given, payment must be made within 30 days from receipt of the invoice.
    • Any failure to pay within the 30 days’ time period may incur an interest charge of 5% per month compound interest.
    • In the event of non-payment NRS Training Services Ltd may initiate legal proceedings for recovery of amounts due.


  1. Cancellations and rebooking:
    • Cancellation charges are as follows:
      1. Notice provided 15 days prior of course start date: Full refund
      2. Notice provided between 8-14 days prior to course start date: 50% refund
      3. Notice provided within 7 days of course start date: No refund
    • Participant name changes are available at any point prior to the course start date provided they still meet the entry requirements for the booked course.
    • NRS may be able to reschedule a course to a later date depending on availability (a £50 administration fee will be chargeable in this case). This is at the discretion of NRS and if no dates are agreeable then cancellation fees shall apply.
    • If a candidate does not complete the course, then a refund is not available.


  1. Candidate Behaviour
    • NRS operates a ZERO tolerance behaviour toward staff or any other trainee.
    • Any candidate found to be conducting any form of unsafe acts, harassment, bullying or victimisation will be asked to leave the course with no refund.
    • Any financial damages because of their behaviour may be pursued.


  1. Data Protection:
    • NRS collects personal data about you such as your name, nationality, home address, birthday, the number of your certificate, your signature and which courses you have participated in. NRS Training Services Ltd takes the protection of personal information very seriously and complies with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK Data Protection Act, 2018 and other relevant legislation protecting privacy rights at all times.
    • When you have attended a course, you will be asked to complete a course evaluation form. It is voluntary to complete the form.  The assessment of whether you fulfil the requirements of the certificates or not is not affected in any way, should you choose not to complete the form.
    • We collect your personal data for the purpose of completing certificates and assessing and documenting whether you fulfil the requirements of the certificate. We process your personal data for the purpose of improving our courses and to evaluate your benefit of our services.  A copy of the original certificate will be forwarded to the company you are employed at and/or to the HR department responsibilities for your employment, if agreed with your employer.  We will keep a copy of the certificate.  A copy may be provided to third parties of the purpose of documenting the fact that you fulfil the requirements of the certificate.
    • You have the right to access to the data we process about you. However, with certain legal limitations, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and getting us to rectify the date processed if relevant.  If you wish to exercise the rights mentioned above, please contact or send a letter to NRS Training Servies Ltd, Drumbreck Farm, Eastfield Road, Caldercruix ML6 7RP. NRS Training Services Ltd retains the right to take photos and videos of the course exercises.  These videos may be used for training & marketing purposes.


  1. Jurisdiction:
    • All contracts entered into under these terms and conditions will be governed by and under the sole jurisdiction of the law of Scotland.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights and Confidentiality
    • All delegates are expected to respect the intellectual property rights of NRS Training Services Ltd., including but not limited to information provided orally, in writing or electronic form and delivered in the classroom, discussions, coaching and training sessions.