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Why Wind Turbine Technicians Should Take First Aid Refreshers

Why Wind Turbine Technicians Should Take First Aid Refreshers

Why Wind Turbine Technicians Should Take First Aid Refreshers

The job of a wind turbine technician has some level of risk involved. This is why it pays to know how to handle emergency situations that may arise during the course of a regular workday. Knowing how to perform first aid should be part of the skillset of any technician who works on the turbines.

It is relatively common knowledge that newly recruited wind turbine technicians need to undergo first aid training. However, many supervisors fail to realise that there is actual value in having your tenured wind turbine technicians have a refresher course in first aid techniques. Even if a first aid certification is valid for three years, having technicians participate in this training course at yearly intervals is paramount.

This blog post will further explain why technicians should brush up on their first aid knowledge and skills on a regular basis.

A refresher course in first aid will be similar to a review of the knowledge disseminated in the previous training session. First aid training will help workers respond to emergency situations that may arise while on the line of duty.

Listed below are a few of the best reasons to have your technician team attend a first aid refresher annually.

1 – To Get Updated in Safety Protocols

The dangers of the job do not waver, year in, year out. Plus, there are always innovations and improvements being made to current first aid tools and equipment. Refresher courses will help wind turbine technicians keep updated on all the updates to safety protocols, procedures, and tools.

2 – Turns Knowledge into Habit

Regular refresher courses will help put textbook knowledge into practice. A one-time first aid training course will not be enough for people to know what to do in case of an emergency. Periodical refresher training will turn what technicians learn in first aid training into almost second nature actions.

3 – Filling in the Gaps

Should anything be forgotten or not fully understood from the previous training, a refresher will fill in the gaps and help technicians complete the knowledge they need to apply first aid successfully.

4 – Comply with Work Safety Standards

Many safety standards are needed when one works as a wind turbine technician. Taking regular first aid refresher courses will ensure that each technician continually complies with these benchmarks.

5 – To Increase Confidence in Applying First Aid

Lastly, refresher courses will increase people’s confidence in applying what they learned within the classroom. Since they will already be equipped with initial knowledge and know-how, they will be more confident to put thought into action. This will help ingrain the knowledge and build confidence in doing the first aid techniques for kinetic learners.


Because of the nature of a wind turbine technician’s work, which has an element of danger, taking annual refresher courses in first aid will ensure that the job site remains safe. Regularly sharpening a wind turbine technician’s first aid skills will enable them to respond to emergencies appropriately should the situation warrant it.

To ensure that your technicians are always up to speed with all the first aid protocols, work with NRS Training Services!

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