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Addressing the Skills Shortage in the Wind Sector

Addressing the Skills Shortage in the Wind Sector

Addressing the Skills Shortage in the Wind Sector

Renewable energy is the future! Through renewable energy sources such as offshore wind power, communities can significantly reduce their carbon emissions while showing a higher potential for power generation due to faster and more constant winds.

The UK spearheaded the global development of offshore wind technology, with offshore wind powering over 7.5 million homes a year. At the rate the changes are happening, the government may just reach its 40GW of offshore wind by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050!

The Impact of Offshore Wind Technology in the UK

The UK is moving toward a greener way of living, its government aiming to meet climate targets. With more offshore wind set to become the country’s largest source of energy in the following years and more offshore wind capacity installed than any other country, the UK is on the brink of a green revolution!

Home to the world’s largest offshore wind farms, offshore wind power plays a vital role in the UK’s “Green Energy Revolution.” With a large country supporting the movement towards renewable energy, other countries may realise that a green-powered future is doable and beneficial.

Investing in offshore wind technology can undoubtedly lead to a better future for our planet if all countries work together in transitioning to renewable energy. However, although the continuous growth of offshore wind technology places the UK on the path to ending its reliance on fossil fuels, one factor relies heavily on the success of this significant change—the lack of wind turbine technicians.

The Skills Shortage Issue

Offshore wind is one of the UK’s biggest growth industries, employing thousands of people in highly skilled jobs. Unfortunately, The rapid expansion has made it challenging to find the right people for the job because of the insufficient number of people who are fit to be wind turbine technicians.

The new positions created by this growing industry allows for more opportunities for the UK’s citizens, but the problem is that not all of them have a chance of being fit for the vacant roles. The Energy and Utility Skills group reported that about 36,000 people must be employed in offshore wind by 2032. Do you think this can be done in 11 years?

An Investment in Training

The workforce crisis in the wind energy industry is becoming more apparent and urgent over time. If companies continue to train at the level they have now, they won’t have enough people for every role, becoming unable to sustain the industry’s future demands.

To avoid a recruitment crisis in the wind sector, you must invest in advanced training. We recommend enrolling your people in wind turbine training courses, covering necessary aspects of the job, especially health and safety training.

Broadening your recruitment processes on top of expanding training programs for your existing workforce will help deliver a pipeline of talent to support the green ambition of the country. With adequate training and education, the UK government can continue on its path to a green future without problems!


The UK is moving in the right direction! However, although investing in renewable energy such as offshore wind technology proves to be beneficial to the environment and society, it poses a challenge in recruitment due to skills shortages.

The industry is faced with skills shortages, threatening to compromise the capabilities of the workforce. However, although the skills shortages may threaten to compromise the workforce’s abilities, they can be avoided with the necessary wind turbine training courses. As long as candidates are educated and trained accordingly, the demand for a competent and highly skilled workforce in the wind sector can be met!

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