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3 Ways to Create a Healthier & Safer Workplace

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Every place of business is unique, with relatively varied safety concerns. As workplace accidents are common in some industries, it’s vital to assess common injuries occurring within the company and know what necessary steps to take in reducing them.

When it comes to workplace safety, it requires a collaborative effort from all the stakeholders involved – from the top management down to the bottom line. However, your greatest resource is your employees. They are best at identifying safety risks and hazards since they are the ones exposed to said hazards daily.

That said, it’s best to have safety programs set in place for your employees to follow. Below are three measures to keep your entire workforce safe all year round!


1. Establish a safety policy that holds everyone accountable

Everyone is responsible and should be held accountable for workplace safety, should there be safety hazards and injuries occurring. While the managers should establish a safety policy and reinforce them regularly, every employee should comply with the safety standards. The employees are the front liners, executing the work daily. Because of this, they exercise safety practices every day and reflect actionable steps and attitudes for accountability. A safety program should include the following:

  • The overall safety and health philosophy of the organisation.
  • The management’s commitment to protecting the well-being of every employee. 
  • The occupational health and safety responsibilities of each employee.
  • The penalty for unsafe behaviour and attitude.

2. Minimise injury through early reporting 

Early reporting should be part of the overall safety process. When an accident occurs, the first thing to do is to report it immediately. Unfortunately, some employees don’t think of reporting an incident if it isn’t a severe injury. 

That said, every employee must immediately report any incidents related to injury as soon as possible. Doing so allows employers to quickly address the problem and treat the injured employee. By quickly attending to occupational hazards accordingly, employers ensure that the same injuries won’t happen again in the future.  

Delayed reporting, on the other hand, can lead to worsening conditions, creating further risks to other employees, and not recognising accountability. 


3. Implement an early injury intervention

Integrate a work culture that encourages early intervention. This should entail employees reporting any work-related incidents promptly as well as health and occupational personnel treating the injured employees immediately. Along with this is ensuring that the safety hazards and risks are completely eliminated as soon as possible. 

No matter how minor the incident may seem, it’s important to implement and resort to early injury intervention. Even if the employee wasn’t severely injured, reporting the incident can give the employer information to make a protocol change that will prevent future accidents and create a healthier and safer workplace.

Though workplace injuries are inevitable, there are ways and means to eliminate or at least reduce such instances. Safety programs that are set in place create a healthier and safer workplace. Follow the steps outlined above to make a significant difference in the safety of your employees in the workplace.

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