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A Guide to Becoming a Professional Wind Turbine Technician

Professional Wind Turbine Technician

A Guide to Becoming a Professional Wind Turbine Technician

If you’re interested in building a career in the wind industry, there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. One of them is becoming a wind turbine technician or a wind tech. Your duty involves installing wind turbines as well as repairing and maintaining them correctly when they age or malfunction.

Wind turbines are massive machines that turn wind energy into electricity. You can usually find them in areas that receive wind continuously, such as places near the mountains or at sea. A wind turbine technician must watch over its three major parts—the tower, blades, and nacelle.

Before you become a certified wind turbine technician, you will need to undergo the proper education from a technical school followed by training programs to complete your qualifications. Keep reading below to find out more about what it takes to be a wind tech.

Responsibilities of a Wind Turbine Technician

On a regular workday, a wind turbine technician monitors the towers to check for possible damages. They climb up turbines to see if any of its parts require repair or replacement. They initiate routine maintenance and troubleshoot a turbine’s components and systems, including its electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic parts.

When a wind turbine technician notices discrepancies, they will work to change worn out or broken down pieces of the turbine to get it to continue running efficiently. They gather data from the turbine to send to the researchers for testing and analysis.

Other than that, a wind turbine technician looks after a turbine’s underground transmission systems, wind field substations, and sensing and control systems. If you have advanced knowledge and skills taught by GWO training providers, you can help build and maintain wind turbines too.

A Day in the Life of a Professional Wind Turbine Technician

Since it’s a wind tech’s primary job to perform maintenance on wind turbines, the machine’s operating schedule will determine when you need to check it for repairs or replacement. A central office typically watches over a turbine twenty-four hours a day from an electronic device.

When an issue occurs, the wind turbine technician will head to the machine to initiate the necessary work to prevent it from breaking down and failing to produce energy. It’s crucial to perform annual maintenance at least three times a year to keep it running without issue.

A wind turbine technician will have to undergo safety training before being deployed in the field, and it involves using safety harnesses, hand and power equipment, and computers. You can find several turbine monitoring equipment in the nacelle, which you can reach on and off-site.

Essential Abilities of a Wind Turbine Technician

Attention to Detail
A wind turbine technician must know how to keep the documents of every service done on the machine in an organised way. Since standard maintenance involves exact measurements, firm order of operations, and safety methods, the wind tech should record all of them correctly.

Mechanical Skills
Knowing how to maintain and fix all kinds of braking, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems of a wind turbine is a critical skill that a wind turbine technician must possess. The necessary knowledge and training, is essential.

Physical Strength
Since you’re working with a huge mechanical device, you must be prepared to carry heavy equipment and tools as part of being a wind turbine technician. It’s important to have the strength to lift something that’s as heavy as forty-five pounds.

For those serious about working to become a wind turbine technician, it’s vital to know each of your responsibilities, what a typical day looks like for you, and the abilities you have to possess. Once you’re sure about your decision, you can seek the necessary education and training before going on your way to becoming a professional wind turbine service technician.

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