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Will Offshore Wind Be the Future of Energy Sources

Will Offshore Wind Be the-Future of Energy Sources

Will Offshore Wind Be the Future of Energy Sources

Wind generation has slowly gained the reputation of being one of the most reliable clean energy sources, and offshore wind has had the most significant jump. As such, many countries worldwide have been looking deeper into offshore wind generation as a significant source of power to go green, and the best example of this is the British government’s promise to power every home with offshore wind power by 2030.
That being said, why exactly is there a sudden demand for clean energy? We’ll be answering that question and more in today’s article:

What Exactly Sparked the Need for Clean Energy?

The biggest reason behind the sudden rise of demand for clean energy is simple: climate change. More and more people realise the destructive powers of fossil fuels for power, and the movement of going green has sparked such demand. In fact, this movement was around even before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continued to rise even throughout the pandemic. Such a movement aimed at cutting carbon emissions to slow down the greenhouse effect, and if such trends continue, the later 2000s will look incredibly promising for environmentally-friendly growth.

Who Is Playing a Big Role in Offshore Wind?

The UK has gained the title of being the leading player in offshore wind, and Ireland is the star player here. With many offshore wind projects announced, Ireland will only produce more green energy to meet its commitments. Meanwhile, the US is also making its shift towards renewable energy by increasing its capacity. Other countries like Denmark, Poland, and the Netherlands have also started laying plans for green energy sources.
Simply put, while there will be industry leaders in the forefront of offshore wind, many other countries are following right behind in hopes of a brighter, greener future.

What Will Happen to Jobs in the Wind Industry?

As the demand for offshore wind goes up, so will the demand for talents to work in this industry. For those looking for jobs in the sector, this is good news indeed. Of course, this isn’t limited to only the UK or the US, but around the world, where the need for offshore wind has increased. With more green targets to meet and more investments pouring into the sector, the renewable energy job market will be more available, attracting top talents and those who have yet to enter the green sector to come and be part of the movement. All sorts of jobs will be readily available, such as quality assurance, quality control, project manager, and engineers, and many more will spawn due to the development of the industry.

Conclusion – Will Offshore Wind Be the Future of Energy Sources

While targets for a future that fully relies on green energy might be a little far-fetched, things are looking more and more promising as the world rallies together to work for a greener, brighter future. Many experts believe that the market will exceed any expectations, and thanks to the high confidence levels of the renewable energy market, even during the pandemic, more and more people are pouring into the industry. That being said, there is always one factor that companies need to be aware of: the supply of talents. With demands going up for green energy, more talents are needed to supply that energy. As such, the need for expert training for the industry is also increasing, and for companies now employing new talents on the field, training is vital to the industry’s success.
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