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4 Reasons to Educate Your GWO Workforce on First Aid

4 Reasons to Educate Your-GWO Workforce on First Aid

As important as it is to educate your employees working at heights to do their jobs well, they must know basic first aid as well. With that kind of knowledge, employees can go about their day to day tasks with confidence that if any accident occurs, they exactly know what to do. This also falls in line with the objectives of the Global Wind Organisation, to have a GWO-trained workforce ready to carry out first aid when needed.

With that said, here are four excellent reasons you should educate your GWO employees about first aid.

1. It Builds Confidence in Administering Medial Help

When your employees know basic first aid, they gain confidence and are more likely to act in the case of an emergency. Especially in high-pressure situations, repeated training can ensure that your workforce is administering first aid the right way without being overwhelmed or crumbling in fear.


2. It Prevents Accidents From Occurring

Once your GWO employees know the causes of different kinds of accidents, they will become more proactive in preventing them from happening in the first place. Workers tend to become much more aware of their surroundings. They are able to identify potential risks and hazards in daily tasks they would have never recognized without training. In other words, basic first aid training allows your workers to realize the dangers that are around them and take action to reduce or avoid them entirely.


3. It Saves Lives and Reduces Recovery Time

One of the most important reasons to teach any employee working at heights about first aid is to enable them to save lives. With knowledge and training carried out by GWO-certified training providers, workers can react immediately to specific medical emergencies. For example, if someone needs CPR to be administered right away, your employees can start the process immediately. By doing this, they give the victim the highest possible chance of survival. 

In fact, many reports say that it is because of these training that their lives have been spared. At the same time, because first aid is administered right away, recovery time is reduced significantly. How quickly a person receives medical help can mean the difference between a temporary and a life-long disability. 

Finally, first aid training teaches employees to stay calm even in life-threatening situations to be able to recall what they’ve learned and to apply it correctly.


4. It’s an Excellent Team Building Activity

The last benefit you would have thought that your GWO employees get from first aid training is the team-building aspect of it. However, it’s true. When your employees get together to learn first aid, they take a break from the daily grind and interact with one another. At the same time, as employees spend more time together, they become more aware of each other’s well-being. 

It doesn’t matter what reason you may have to teach first aid to your GWO workforce. Whether that reason may be to introduce a brand new skill or to give them a refresher on first aid, these are the benefits you’ll gain from a workforce with a thorough knowledge of basic medical training. Train them, not only for your benefit but for their’s too, as these skills can be transferred to their personal lives. 

At NRS, we take first aid very seriously. In compliance with the Health and Safety Regulations of 1981, we offer courses on different training needs, such as paediatric first aid, first aid at work, emergency first aids, and much more, to ensure that your GWO workforce can perform proper first aid in the case of an emergency. With the help of GWO-certified training providers, know that your workforce is going to be effectively trained with all the right skills, allowing them to spot out the need for and administer basic first aid.

If you’re looking for first aid courses for your GWO employees, get in touch with NRS Training Services to see how we can help.

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