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Everything You Need to Know About GWO Safety Training

GWO safety training

Everything You Need to Know About GWO Safety Training

We often get a lot of questions regarding GWO safety training. So, we decided to compile all the frequently asked questions in this article.

What is GWO Training?

GWO means Global Wind Organisation. It is a nonprofit organisation founded by its wind turbine manufacturers and owners.
GWO training, on the other hand, is training conducted for the wind turbine industry. It has been operating since 2012 after publishing its first Basic Safety Training (BST) as a response to the industry’s demand.
A BST certificate serves as proof that wind turbine technicians or other wind turbine professionals are competent with the required skills and knowledge to navigate through and stop an unsafe work situation. Simply stated, it means that you are required to have the certificate if you want to get a job in GWO-related industries.

What is the purpose of GWO?

GWO was developed with the purpose of alleviating injuries in a work environment, specifically in the wind turbine industry. This is by setting and conforming with the common international standards for emergency procedures and safety training.

What do GWO training standards refer to?

GWO training standards comprise the requirements for the training courses, as per the recommendations of GWO. By merely complying with GWO criteria and standards, certified training experts and providers are considered skilled, proficient and competent.
So, how do they work?
  • GWO members develop training standards that present the risks their wind turbine technicians face at work
  • Only the training providers who are certified in accordance with GWO criteria can deliver the training
  • Employers should accept the completed training of GWO-certified wind turbine technicians, regardless of where they are trained
  • Employers should avoid the duplication of training, whereas technicians can be more productive with their jobs

How will I know if a training provider is certified?

You can check the official logo of the training provider. Only the certified training provider can display the logo. You can also request to see a certificate that is officially issued by the GWO.

Are there individual GWO safety training standards?

Yes. Since the industry is continuously growing and innovating, its standards adapt to reflect the hazards, safety and other factors, including:
  • Basic Safety Training Standard
  • Basic Training Technical Standard
  • Basic Safety Training Refresher Standard
  • Advanced Rescue Training Standard
  • Enhanced First Aid Refresher Standard
  • Advanced Rescue Training Refresher Standard
  • Basic Safety Training Refresher Standard

Is the work environment safe?

Definitely! A survey conducted by the members shows that 62% strongly agree that GWO standards helped improve the industry’s quality and alignment of basic safety standards.

If I have the training, how is this measured up?

GWO provides a comprehensive merit system for organisations, along with clear training systems in place. This evaluates the training you have, identifies any gaps and assesses if you are subjected to receiving training on those gaps.

How long do I need to take the course?

Most courses run for 1-2 days. This includes practical training and an assessment. There are also course refreshers that typically take a day and should be retaken every year.

Where can I study the course?

NRS Training Ltd operates GWO safety training courses at the top-notch facility in Caldercruix, Glasgow, Scotland

What is the process of booking a course?

Booking a course is fast and easy. You just need to fill out a form with the necessary information and our reliable team will assist you with your needs. You can ask them for any details you are not sure about.


It is always a rewarding experience to accomplish something after meaningful training. If you’re interested in becoming a wind turbine technician, you should be aware of the courses you can learn and how you can acquire a certificate.
At NRS Training Services, you’ll receive first-rate GWO training in Edinburgh to improve health, safety and operational performance. Enquire about our courses today!
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