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All You Need to Know About GWO Fire Awareness Modules

All You Need to Know About GWO Fire Awareness Modules

As we move towards the future, we have to be more adamant about finding alternatives to the fossil fuels that we currently rely on. While these types of fuels can produce a large amount of energy consistently, they also have a massive impact on the environment. 

There’s no doubt that these fuels are a highly unsustainable source of energy going forward. This is why we’re seeing massive growth in other industries with technologies such as solar panels, wave energy, and of course, wind farms.

The wind industry has grown significantly within the past few years. This is why the Global Wind Organisation was formed to regulate the standards of every company in the industry. One of the most significant concerns of the GWO is the safety of the workers, as the work environment in a wind farm can be highly dangerous. 

People who work at wind farms encounter extreme heights, high voltages, and fire hazards on a daily basis, all of which can be life-threatening to any worker. For this reason, the GWO has made Fire Awareness one of the mandatory five courses every worker must pass before they can work in the field.

In this article, we’ll talk about the GWO Fire Awareness Module, what it includes, and why you need to learn more about it. Let’s dive in.

What are the GWO Fire Awareness Modules for?

The GWO Fire Awareness Module is designed to ensure that each worker is equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with fire hazards and how to minimise the risk when working with flammable substances. 

It’s also imperative that each worker knows exactly what the protocol is in case of fires, which is included in the Fire Awareness course objectives. Since the workers will be spending the majority of their time at great heights, it’s crucial that they understand how to keep calm and assess the situation with a clear head, as that will help to prevent the risk of harm both to themselves and their colleagues.

In the practical element of the course, you would need to cover:

  • How to extinguish a small fire with the turbine
  • Under fire simulation conditions they must put on a harness under limiting visibility, set up the evacuation device and evacuate the wind turbine.

GWO Certificates

Every worker is required to attend a GWO Fire Awareness Course, along with many other subjects in the training curriculum before they take the GWO Certification exams. The Fire Awareness Certification is valid for two years before it has to be renewed. 

These courses are suitable for any worker who has to be in close proximity to the internal workings of a wind turbine. As these turbines generate electricity, there’s always a risk of fire associated with it. Therefore, it’s important both to the employers and to the industry as a whole that they have the same standards to uphold to ensure that the business as a whole is suitable for investors.

Why is the GWO Fire Awareness Course Important?

Workers are obligated to understand how to keep themselves safe in dangerous situations to prevent problems from exacerbating. This is particularly important in case of fires, as it can cost millions of pounds worth of damage, if not more. Additionally, workers have to learn to protect themselves from harm while ensuring that their coworkers are safe and secure as well.

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