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GWO Certification for Wind Turbine Technicians

GWO Certification for Wind Turbine Technicians

GWO Certification for Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind energy is one of the cleanest and most effective methods of gathering natural power. Almost all countries can benefit from year-round wind turbine use because of the world’s geography blowing heavy winds from the ocean inland. You’ve likely seen coastal areas have giant turbines that are continually spinning and generating plenty of clean energy. Since wind is practically an infinite resource, creating ways to harness its power practically means a world where we no longer have to rely on finite materials to power our cities.
However, these gigantic towers are placed far away from cities for a reason. Their size is often a risk if anything goes wrong, which is where wind turbine technicians come into play to ensure proper safety. Since these towers are almost a hundred metres in height, there are risks involved with fixing and repairing them. As man-made products, wind turbines require regular maintenance and check-ups by wind turbine technicians who have a GWO certification and the right safety training.

Global Wind Organisation Certification

For the wind turbine technicians sector to grow and become more effective in other countries, GWO training providers have to be present in the whole training process. This presence ensures that safety training and other knowledge transmission are properly conducted, increasing the proper maintenance and monitoring of wind turbines. Since these large posts of moving parts that generate electricity require periodic maintenance, here’s why GWO training providers exist:

Wind Turbine Safety Hazards

Falls are the leading cause of worker deaths in the wind turbine technicians industry. As these professionals climb higher, they are more at risk to be blown away by stronger winds due to being at least a hundred metres above the ground. Since wind farms are situated in coastal areas with heavy winds blowing in, workers need to learn how to use harnesses and latches properly as part of their safety training. Falling from a hundred metres is often an instant death, which is why GWO certification ensures that these wind turbine technicians are well-versed in climbing great heights.
Additionally, they have to learn how to use cranes properly, as many repairs are done via cranes to ensure that all heavy parts and components are easily transported upwards. Cranes are still a challenge for anyone to use because they require their own degrees of certification to be used correctly and safely. Improper use can result in loss of life and even damages to turbines, which will be a costly and lengthy fix.

Other Safety Parameters and Precautions

GWO training providers also work on training wind turbine technicians to operate in tight and confined spaces. Wind turbine safety means that these professionals have to learn to work despite being inside the machine for extended periods. Since these spaces have low oxygen levels and may be a cause of panic attacks, workers have to be mentally prepared to act under these conditions.
Additionally, wind farms are very far from cities, therefore hospitals are out of the picture in most cases of accidents or illnesses. GWO certification means that wind turbine technicians also have basic first aid training at the least, which will allow them to be prepared for any time someone gets hurt.
Lastly, training to use personal protective equipment and items like respirators is essential, as some turbine production processes might include dangerous materials. There may be many gases, vapours, and harmful substances around a turbine’s interior, which is why these professionals have to know how to operate using PPEs.

Conclusion of GWO Certification for Wind Turbine Technicians

Getting a GWO certification means passing the right training from a provider that specialises in these fields. Knowledge of safety and mechanical skills will ensure that wind turbine technicians are safe and will be able to conduct maintenance with ease. Be prepared to deal with wind turbine farms by getting the right safety training and certifications today!
NRS Training Services is one of the leading GWO training providers in the UK that offers potential wind turbine technicians safety training and improved performance abilities. If you’re looking to get your GWO certification, contact us today to learn more about how we work with individuals and organisations.
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