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Everything You Need to Know about GWO Advanced Rescue & Enhanced First Aid Training

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Those who want to take their first aid training to the next level can partake in the Global Wind Organisation’s (GWO) Enhanced First Aid (EFA) and Advanced Rescue Training (ART). These newly launched training standards are designed to control the risks with rescue operations from wind turbines.

That means that the training involves establishing self-reliance for wind personnel. Additionally, it provides the necessary knowledge needed to transport colleagues who can no longer self-evacuate due to unforeseen accidents. 

The training is based on the risk assessment, factual incident, and statistics on the installation and maintenance of wind turbine generators and wind power plants. 

What is GWO and Why does it Exist?

Global Wind Organisation, or GWO for short, is a non-profit body founded by wind turbine manufacturers and owners.

The organisation was created in an effort to strive for an injury-free work environment in the wind turbine industry by establishing global standards for safety training, honing rescue techniques, and understanding emergency procedures.

The process works by implementing training standards from GWO members to mitigate the common risks most technicians face at work. 


What are GWO’s ART and EFA Objectives?

The goal is to give delegates – be it an employee, technician, or contractor working in the renewable energy industry additional knowledge and skills to facilitate safe, effective, and enhanced first-aid measures to save lives, especially in high-risk operations involving wind turbines.


What You Will Learn from GWO’s ART and EFA Objectives

Delegates will learn how to respond to advanced emergency equipment and medical telecommunication to provide assistance while waiting for professional rescue teams to arrive on-site. This involves honing the following skills:

  • Perform entry-type casualty rescue operations in a wind turbine generator
  • Correctly use industry-standard equipment and methods
  • Safely access the hub, nacelle, tower, and basement section of a wind turbine when getting an injured person 

Unlike the Advanced Rescue Training, Enhanced First-Aid Training will touch upon the following:

  • Treat a patient promptly
  • Take vital signs
  • Give correct information using telecommunications
  • Work as a team
  • Package and rescue a casualty

You can expect industry experienced instructors to deliver courses that provide state-of-the-art and realistic training environments, many of which can accommodate personnel working both onshore and offshore. 

GWO aims to enable personnel in the wind industry to prepare themselves for dangerous situations and train them to react to incidents. This reduces the risk of casualties and promotes a safer environment for all workers in the long run.

While it promotes careful planning and actions amongst employees, the advantage of knowing how to respond to emergencies can fortify the industry’s safety measures as a whole.

If you’re looking for a GWO Training Provider, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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