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An Overview of the Green Energy Market and Its Future

Green Energy Market

An Overview of the Green Energy Market and Its Future

Gone are the days when aiming for renewable energy was a far-fetched dream of the wealthy few. More and more companies and individuals are aware of the importance of preserving the environment’s natural resources. They know that environmental disasters will turn worse if people continue to ignore them.

Those factors, plus the efforts to make renewable energy more affordable, have resulted in a thriving green industry. Now is an exciting time for companies that strive to prioritise a greener future.

How Is the Green Energy Industry Today

During the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the production of renewable energy also increased. Despite the economic downturn, the green energy market continued to flourish.

Solar energy has now become a more affordable option for homes. More houses in the UK have solar photovoltaic structures installed. The technology also continues to advance. In 2022, expect that the global solar PV capacity will reach up to 160 GW from 107 GW in 2020.

The solar and wind industries, in particular, were the leading energy sources in the year 2020. In fact, the National Public Radio (NPR) published a report that said a 45 per cent worldwide growth was observed for the renewable energy market.

According to the International Energy Agency, this record is considered the largest annual rate that ever happened since 1999. The report also noted that the expansion of new solar power installations and the rise in global wind capacity additions were the cause of such growth.

Furthermore, the UK government has provided full support for this. They even sold renewable energies to interested companies through purchase agreements.

What the Experts Believe

Occasional challenges may occur in the industry, but this is a typical scenario for all trades and businesses. What matters is how they are addressed.

Experts believe that the efforts not only emphasise the need to tackle the planet’s climate crisis but also create sustainable jobs for the people. Moreover, the reduced air pollution, cleaner transportation is set to drastically improve the average person’s quality of life.

Maybe something here on the wind industry’s growth in particular?

Conclusion – The Green energy market

Green and sustainable living might be an ambitious goal, but it is coming to life slowly. People only need to be reminded of the effects of damaging the environment, including dangerous climate consequences. The pandemic slowed down many of the operations for this industry. Nevertheless, a global expansion is to be expected in the next few years.

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