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Great Employers Prepare for Accidents in the Workplace

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Model companies take care of their employees who get ill or injured at work because of their invaluable contributions to the growth of the business. These companies also have first aid measures to prevent aggravating minor injuries and ultimately save lives.

The first aid arrangements for the office will depend on the potential health and safety risks in the workplace. This means that a first-aid kit and a point person for replenishing the box is enough for a corporate office. This appointed individual is also in charge of calling emergency services for urgent medical attention.

The same thing, however, can’t be said in factories and workplaces that use heavy machinery or hazardous substances. A company nurse or an employee with first-aid training will be beneficial in such settings. Better yet, have all the employees take a first aid training or a safety course from companies such as NRS Training Services to teach them on how to respond during unfortunate accidents.

Assessing first aid needs

In assessing the level of first aid needs for the office, consider first the nature of business. There are lesser risks in the workplace of a digital news organisation when compared to production factories. Because the latter has more potential hazards present, they will need more safety equipment.

Also, consider the average age of the employees in the workforce. An older workforce will need more first aid facilities regardless of risk. To know more about first aid assessment, browse the Internet for case studies and online assessment tools that will determine the safety arrangements the office needs.


First aid kits and first aiders

Upon assessment of first aid needs, the company must provide the safety requirements needed. A first aid kit must be filled with medicine for common illnesses, bandages, gauges, cleaning wipes, medical gloves, and adhesives. This kit must be easily accessible to anyone in the case of unexpected danger and must be replenished with new stock regularly.

Likewise, you must train enough people to have first-aid skills to cover the entire workforce. Having a clinic with sufficient facilities and personnel will help address health concerns as well.

It is imperative that the first aiders undergo training for first aid at work and other relevant courses. Having nurses in your workforce will be an advantage because they are ready to respond when the need arises. However, if there are no nurses available, having first aiders will avert the worsening of the medical situation.


Appointed attendees

Though appointed employees are not required to take a first aid course, they must call for an ambulance when needed and look after the office medical equipment. People from the administration department are often designated for this task because it’s related to their job description.


Sponsor safety courses

Accidents in the workplace and be averted even faster if you require your employees to take compulsory safety courses that are inspired by real-life scenarios. These courses enhance the person’s ability to respond to medical situations and keep your people calm under such situations.

Whether they will be taking a basic first aid at work or an enhance first aid with the BTS course, what’s important is that you show how much you care for your employees.

If you’re looking for first aid courses to train your employees at work, get in touch with NRS Training Services today to see how we can help!

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