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Everything You Need to Know About GWO Courses

GWO Courses

Everything You Need to Know About GWO Courses

Sustainable living and clean energy are becoming increasingly prominent as viable career opportunities. Due to the increased home electricity usage of up to 30 per cent, you can expect more as the pandemic continues. Fortunately, wind power and the demand for wind turbine technicians continue to grow. If it’s something you want to pursue, note that you need to undergo GWO courses. But what exactly does it entail?

This will discuss what you have to undergo if you want to get your GWO certification and work in the sustainable energy sector. Take this as your starting point to doing something you are interested in and earn a sizable income for your household. This way, you can make a difference while being committed to passionate work.

What Is the Purpose of the GWO? 

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) exists as a regulating body for all wind power and renewable energy professionals, whether onshore or offshore. It’s a non-profit organisation committed to the standardisation of wind turbine construction and maintenance. Their team is known worldwide for their expertise in the field, enabling other countries to take advantage of sustainable, cheap energy sources.
Due to the possible high risks during work, the GWO institutionalised health and safety training courses to look after their workers’ welfare and uphold professional manufacturing green energy standards. You need to get certified by approved GWO training providers to join the industry. This way, you also can be prepared for the tasks at hand and possibly venture into other related professions, when opportunities arise.

What Are Under the GWO Course Curriculum? 

The GWO courses are designed to simulate scenarios in the wind power industry to equip aspiring professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with daily operations and emergencies. The GWO’s standards are upheld and revised accordingly depending on the companies’ demands and employees’ welfare. That’s why the providers try as much as possible to avoid duplicate training and promote awareness for safety hazards and common issues.
You can expect to enrol in some of following GWO courses and others either provided by authorised providers or added by the GWO:
  • Basic Safety Training Fire Awareness: There are perceived fire perils when maintaining or repairing wind turbines. That’s why the Basic Safety Training for Fire Awareness is needed. This way, you can rescue vulnerable individuals, keep yourself safe, develop a sense of urgency for possible dangers, and reduce liabilities during emergencies.
  • First Aid Training: You need to know the proper handling of wind power equipment and develop concentration for this line of work. You also have to do first aid in case you or something else gets injured. These are all covered in the First Aid Training. This course is made to prevent poor manual handling and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Sea Survival and Transfer: Most wind power facilities are placed near the shorelines due to the abundance of wind flow, increasing clean energy production. As such, you need to comply with sea survival protocols and successful transfer. You also have to take a refresher course after two years of certification.


Acquiring GWO certification is no easy task, but you can accomplish it easily under the right provider and stay dedicated to your career goals. Fortunately, you now have the working knowledge needed to ready yourself for the wind power sector. You just need to seek the appropriate training to ensure professionalism and refine your skills. Consider this as your lifelong career today!
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