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Why the GWO Considers CPR Training Crucial

Why the GWO Considers CPR Training Crucial

Why the GWO Considers CPR Training Crucial

Despite the fact that everyone is exposed to a certain degree of risk while at work, some workplaces come with unique dangers. Those working at heights, for instance, are exposed to risks that people working in an office are not. It is crucial to understand and minimise these risks so employees are less likely to fall ill or get injured. Given this, the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) has deemed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for employees working at height to be paramount. 

Providing timely CPR treatment to a person in cardiopulmonary distress triples the chances of survival. When such an incident happens in the workplace, a CPR-trained employee can help a dying colleague rise above the situation.

Given that employees working at heights may not be accessible to first responders on the ground, their coworkers must know how to perform CPR and potentially save a life. Keep on reading to understand what CPR training entails its benefits.

CPR training course in a nutshell

A CPR training course teaches the proper techniques used to assist a patient with a heart attack. Specifically, the course covers the following:

  • Knowing the symptoms of cardiac arrest
  • Knowing how to the blood flowing in a victim
  • Knowing when to perform CPR

Many companies have their employees undergo online CPR classes as it allows more flexibility and convenience. Those looking to meet GWO’s Enhanced First Aid Standard, however, will need to experience the entire course with a training provider.

At the end of the course, employees will receive a CPR card, which will serve as proof that the holder has the proper training to assist a cardiac arrest victim. Recertification is required every few years so that employees are always kept up-to-date on the latest methods and technologies.

Benefits of CPR training for employees

Below are some of the benefits that employees can get from CPR training:

  • Upholding the value of life: CPR training courses teach employees the procedure for assisting those in cardiopulmonary distress. They will then have the skills and knowledge to deal with emergency situations in the workplace. More than anything else, trained employees can help save lives. Conducting such training means that a business truly values the lives of its employees.
  • Increasing confidence: Learning about the proper CPR procedures help employees become confident in handling difficult situations, such as someone suffering from a heart attack. With such confidence, they can easily manage the emergency situation by providing timely assistance to the heart attack victim.
  • Boosting employee morale: Providing CPR training to employees can translate into a boost in employee morale. This shows them that the company is concerned about the safety, health, and overall welfare of its employees. Fostering a healthy and safe environment will ultimately lead to enhanced wellbeing. When the employees’ morale is high, team productivity increases as well.

CPR training is wise in any workplace, but its importance is particularly notable in the wind turbine industry. Not only are certificate holders able to save lives, but they will be confident in dealing with emergencies. Additionally, you will notice a boost in team morale. 

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