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3 Reasons Why You Need a CPR Certificate

3 Reasons Why You Need a CPR Certificate

3 Reasons Why You Need a CPR Certificate

Although CPR is a well-known procedure, not many people know how to do it correctly. They may have seen it in a film or television show, but you will be surprised as to how many people actually have a CPR certificate.

That being said, it’s one of the most crucial first-aid manoeuvres that we think everybody should learn. It has been proven time and again to be the best method of immediate resuscitation.

If you don’t think that CPR training is imperative, here are three reasons that may change your mind:

1. You can save the life of someone you love

You never know when you’re going to need to use CPR, which is why it’s always better to know how to do it properly.

We don’t all want the burden of heroes to be upon us, which may be one of the reasons why we refrain from CPR training. There’s no doubt that it may put you in an awkward position if somebody actually needs your help.

However, the chances of you seeing a complete stranger collapsing on the street are very different than witnessing it happen to a loved one. Accidents can happen at any time, even in the comfort of your own home.

85% of cardiac arrests happen on residential properties, which means that it can occur to a loved one at any time. When it does happen, your CPR training can be the difference between life and death, which is why it’s so important to know how to do it correctly.

You may end up saving the life of your wife, a parent, or other relative; that possibility is worth the time and effort of learning how to do this life-saving procedure.

2. You will be calmer in stressful situations

CPR isn’t as easy as how the media makes it out to be. You have to be aware of many things, including the techniques, the anatomy, and the safe amount of force you need to put in.

These are the things you have to keep in mind while under the pressure of a life or death situation.

A CPR training course will ensure that you can keep your calm even in the most stressful situation so that you can perform the manoeuvre correctly. Most people tend to freeze during these stressful cases, while others become frantic and anxious.

Proper preparation will help you to become more calm and collected, which is the most vital thing you can do during such a time.

3. You will be a valuable asset to a company

While CPR and employability may not sound like two things that have a direct correlation with one another, they certainly do. Employers want a skilled worker who can help promote their business.

By having a CPR certificate, you will increase your value in the eyes of an employer, as they will see you as an asset. In many industries and careers, they are an essential element and that’s where proper CPR training comes in.

This is particularly important in an occupation where employees will be exposed to life-threating situations on a regular basis. So checking for any CPR classes near me can be a great addition to your skill set.

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