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3 Ways to Create a Healthier & Safer Workplace

Builder writing header Safer Workplace

Every place of business is unique, with relatively varied safety concerns. As workplace accidents are common in some industries, it’s vital to assess common injuries occurring within the company and know what necessary steps to take in reducing them. When it comes to workplace safety, it requires a collaborative effort from all the stakeholders involved[…]

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5 Reasons to Have Working at Heights Training – GWO Training

wind turbine landscape

Over 200 fatal accidents and over a million injuries happen every year at work. With these shocking statistics, it’s paramount to maintain health and safety at work. Taking the initiative to uphold safety measures and address any potential hazards at work involves everyone, from managers to employees. One common cause of work-related fatality and injury[…]

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Everything You Need to Know about GWO Advanced Rescue & Enhanced First Aid Training

wind farm sunset

Those who want to take their first aid training to the next level can partake in the Global Wind Organisation’s (GWO) Enhanced First Aid (EFA) and Advanced Rescue Training (ART). These newly launched training standards are designed to control the risks with rescue operations from wind turbines. That means that the training involves establishing self-reliance[…]

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3 Most Common Risks Wind Turbine Workers Face

Wind Turbine in landscape

The wind turbine industry comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but nothing is more fulfilling than its workers’ experience in the field.  From weather problems to working around high voltages, a wind turbine worker has to navigate certain risks. Whether you’re looking to join the industry as a professional or you’re planning[…]