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Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician – What to Expect on the Road

wind turbine technician

Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician – What to Expect on the Road

While designed and built to last, wind turbines require maintenance to ensure maximum performance and efficiency while still maintaining their lifespan. This is where wind turbine technicians come in. Their job is to ensure that the wind turbine is running as smoothly as possible at all times through rigorous maintenance, testing, and repairing activities.
Are you interested in becoming a wind turbine technician? If so, here’s what to expect on the road to become an expert wind turbine technician:

What the Job Entails

What can you expect to be doing on the job? One of the main things you will be doing is examining the hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems.
Routine inspections will also be commonly done to ensure nothing is out of the blue. If problems are discovered, you will be tasked to maintain and repair the systems and their respective components. Once you’ve carried out inspections and maintenance jobs, you will also be required to update the site manager on the task’s progress.
Do expect to be travelling to fix the turbines in various areas. You may also find yourself supervising any junior technicians and inspecting their work. Apart from this, you will also be expected to follow health and safety protocols, and you can also be tasked to monitor the stock of spare parts, ordering extras if need be.

What Pay You Can Expect?

The load discussed sounds like a lot of work, but fortunately, this is compensated well with good pay. Apart from pay itself, you can also gain many benefits, including bonus pay, travel allowance, and more.

What Training You Will Go Through?

When it comes to training to become a wind turbine technician, expect to go through rigorous steps and processes.
Given that you already have qualifications in electrical, electronic, or mechanical engineering subjects, you will need to go through Modern Apprenticeship (MA). This will put you through on-the-job and off-the-job training activities, leading to the City and Guilds Diploma in electrical power engineering, wind turbine operations and management at SCQF Level 6, and technical knowledge in wind turbine maintenance SCQF level 6.
Once you are qualified, you can then work towards becoming an EngTech, short for Engineering Technician. To add to this, you will need to be kept up to date with new developments and more, along with taking specialist courses to be eligible for the job.


There is a lot to be expected of you should you wish to become a wind turbine technician. From your experiences to your training, plenty of hours will be put into turning you into a professional on the job.
As such, expect to go through countless hours of rigorous training to ensure you have the skills and ability to maintain and repair wind turbines to maximise performance. Know that in the end, you will be rewarded with a fulfilling job that can leave you financially satisfied in the long term!
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