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Working Safely at Height – Our Guide for Wind Turbine Employees

In the wind turbine operating industry, one of the biggest challenges that workers have to face is the perilous nature of working at height. This is especially difficult in seasons that call for round-the-clock maintenance.  When it comes to understanding the main sayings of those working in the renewable energy and wind turbine industry, the[…]

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A Safety Guide to Preventing Falling Objects When Working at Heights

Working at Heights

Some industries, such as in wind turbines, construction, and aerospace, usually require their employees to work at heights. Operating at certain altitudes can be extremely dangerous, which is why companies in these industries have robust safety measures set in place. They implement fall protection measures to keep employees safe at all times. However, it’s inevitable[…]

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Here’s What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Turbine Technician

What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Turbine Technician

As technology, multinational corporations, and the rest of humanity continue to move towards a future of sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of living and operating, one sector has been shown to grow faster every year: renewable energy. Thanks to proper education, key backing in some of the world’s capitals, and a conscious effort from innovators and companies around[…]

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Reasons Why Wind Investors Must Focus on GWO Health & Safety

Reasons Why Wind Investors-Must-Focus-on Gwo Health and Safety

There’s no denying that the wind industry is a booming sector that pursues renewable sources of energy. That’s why many investors are taking the plunge into this robust and highly sustainable industry. However, wind investors should deem health and safety as important matters crucial to the success of any investments in the wind industry. They[…]

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The Future of Floating Wind Turbines – What to Know

The Future of Floating Wind Turbines What to Know

With consumers growing even more aware of the effect of their activities on the environment, humanity is currently experiencing an eco-friendly revolution with long-term changes. From bamboo straws to electric cars, manufacturers are in a race against time to incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness into their products to save the Earth with one product at[…]