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Everything You Need to Know about Global Wind Organisation

Everything You Need to Know about Global Wind Organisation

Everything You Need to Know about Global Wind Organisation

Considering how important the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is, it’s rather surprising how little people actually know about it. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the GWO, then you’ve come to the right place…

What is the Global Wind Organisation (GWO)?

The GWO is a non-profit body founded by wind turbine technicians, manufacturers, and owners. The organisation was formed for one reason: to strive for injury-free work environments within the wind turbine industry.
So, how do you go about doing this?
Well, the GWO has established common international standards for both safety training and emergency procedures.
The Global Wind Organisation published their first version of the Basic Safety Training standard in 2012, due to the glaring lack of any safety standards in the wind turbine industry.
They follow this up with the Basic Technical Training standard in 2017. Since then, they have continued to launch several other training standards that inform both employers and workers on how they should be approaching their jobs no matter what their role is in the industry.

Who Runs the GWO?

The General Assembly governs the Global Wind Organisation. However, the Executive Committee is responsible for all the work that the organisation carries out. The Executive Committee is made up of members from the different sectors of the GWO. The content, standards, and training are constantly updated by the members of the committee to ensure that working environments continue to be safe in the wind turbine industry.

What Are GWO Training Standards?

GWO training standards are courses that inform professionals working in the wind turbine industry on how to reduce risks associated with the safety hazards that are common in this industry. The training is conducted by certified training providers who are both competent and proficient in the different aspects of the wind turbine industry. All companies strive to attain GWO certification, as it is an indication that they’ve managed to abide by and subscribe to all the standards of the Global Wind OrganisationGWO.

What Are the Benefits of GWO Standards?

So, how do these standards actually affect the work that’s being done? Unsurprisingly, these standards yield many benefits when it comes to safety and productivity,
Thanks to the standards, work becomes infinitely safer for all wind energy companies. While they may seem to limit, the standards that the GWO have put in place minimises the amount of work-related accidents. This stems from the organisation’s efforts in improving the quality of the basic safety training standards.
In relation to creating a safer workplace, wind energy companies also experienced an increase in productivity. Because fewer accidents occur, work is hardly ever disrupted. In fact, the time saved can sometimes even amount to around 5-6 days of additional workdays every year.


We hope this article has shed some light on the Global Wind Organisation. As you can see, the GWO is a straightforward organisation that aims to improve the overall safety of this line of work. While the standards may seem rather difficult to abide by, they are ultimately better for your business as they drastically improve safety and boost productivity for all wind energy companies.
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