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4 Great GWO Jobs Any GWO-Qualified Person Can Consider

4 Great GWO Jobs

4 Great GWO Jobs Any GWO-Qualified Person Can Consider

Becoming GWO-certified is a proud moment for any hardworking individual; however, you may not know where to start your career because there are plenty of different job offers out there.


You may even already have a few employers lined up as one of their primary choices. To have a better understanding of the possibilities in this field of specialisation, consider the following job positions:

1. Wind Turbine Technician

When you got your GWO certification, one of the first jobs that may have come to mind was wind turbine technician, which is understandable given that it is considered a popular and strategic career move. But of course, this job is not easy since you are essentially wearing many hats, having to do more besides the heavy technical aspect of the job.

For example, you may have to control the turbines, inspect for repairs, install new units, and even come up with an urgent solution during emergencies. Although no specified training is required for this job, having your GWO BST and BTT under your belt is a clear advantage. This is because you are already well-versed in plenty of safety training skills, like first aid and working with hydraulics systems. If you do choose to become a wind turbine technician, expect your educational credentials to set you apart from the rest.


2. Mechanical Engineer 

Becoming a mechanical engineer in the wind power industry could be a feasible choice if you have always had a fascination for research, design, and production of all the heavy mechanisms that go into building a wind turbine or the plant itself. You also have to provide technical support and ensure innovations are a top priority to seamless daily operations. You will also need a degree in Mechanical Engineering to do this job.


3. Electrical Engineer

Of course, it is a given that wind turbines produce electricity, but it takes proper maintenance, research, and development to meet quality standards. If this field interests you, then the electrical engineer post is worth considering!  You will also need a degree in Electrical Engineering to do this job.


4. Project Manager 

However, it is not for everyone because of the sheer number of tasks you have to take on, technical and financial aspects. At the same time, you may even have to train and supervise your staff, like the wind turbine technicians. If you feel up for the role, look into it!


Conclusion of 4 Great GWO Jobs

As you can see, there are plenty of promising career opportunities available once you complete your GWO certification for the necessary training. It is just a matter of knowing your worth as a professional, especially since time, money, and even some sacrifices were made to get to this point. So, refer to any of the jobs mentioned above, compare offers, and work your way to the top of the wind power industry!


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